Develop the skills to lead your organization through any challenge.

WTM uses people science to help your team work smarter, build resilience, and feel better doing it.

Our story

Work’s the Matter was conceived in response to a dire need to increase well-being at the workplace. 

We are dedicated to researching, developing, and implementing solutions with impact, that make work more meaningful for all of us, and that reduce suffering.

Existing approaches to management lack support for their effectiveness for improving well-being and increasing effectiveness, or they require years of specialist training that few have access to.

WTM aims to address this critical gap by offering a simple, effective, and comprehensive approach.

Join us in making working for the better! 

Backed by science

Work's the Matter uses what works. Not only do we use methods supported by rigourous study, we constantly conduct research of our own to provide the most innovative, state-of-the-art approaches to improve well-being and productivity.

Practical team skills

Our approach targets the harmful behaviors that can make work miserable and makes it harder to adapt. Like a good stretch routine, our approach follows a structured method that will develop you and yours day by day, skill by skill.

Created for you

Every company is unique and different. From Day 1, WTM will work with you to understand your mission, vision, goals and needs to tailor our program to you and increase not only productivity but satisfaction, motivation, and well-being.

Clients we have worked with

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