Transform your workplace
into a culture of reference

Through our evidence-based programs.

An innovative approach

Unhappiness and stress at work is on the rise, hamstringing long-term productivity and adapatbility.

We offer comprehensive programs consisting of one-on-one coaching, innovative group training, and expert analysis to transform the way you and your team work together.

Bottom-up, top-down, or lateral, our unique change program targets the specific but little-known behaviors that hinder your ability to innovate and lead to conflict, stress, and burnout. Join us in creating a world of better work.

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What we offer

Skills Training

Online and presencial skills training, including worksheets provide the skills to replace defensive behavior and improve well-being on your own time from Day 1.

Expert Consultation

A team of experts will be with you to provide you analysis and insight regarding your specific case and support you.

One-on-One Coaching

Our unique, evidence-based approach to coaching allows us to understand your specific goals, the behavioral patterns that are getting in the way of achieving these, and how to effectively use the skills you are acquiring.

Workshops & Custom Packages

Have a special project? Workshops and custom packages can be used to enhance our core program. Our workshops are participatory, motivating, and fun.

Take a step toward better work

We are currently recruiting a small number of participant teams from around the world in which WTM will work with you and a selected team of change makers from your company.

Change the way you work together

Develop an Adaptive Mindset

You and your team will increase your ability to respond to even the most extreme events, one step at a time.

Learn Organizational Resilience

Resilience stems not from the ability to resist hardship, but to radically accept it. Learn to collectively and positively respond to stress and thrive even in hard times.

Experience Distributed Leadership

WTM develops everyone’s capacity to lead. That means more empowerment, less bureaucracy, and an increased ability to tap the collective intelligence of the team.

Discover Meaningful Work

Skilled work is meaningful work. WTM will reinvigorate your team’s collective vision, driving you towards the goals that matter for you and your clients.

Clients we have worked with


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What people say about us

" Ryan’s event on well-being in the PhD was a total success on our center. He helped us identify some of the problems associated with our doctoral studies with very clear hands-on methodologies. Additionally, he encouraged us to reflect on this difficulties, in groups and individually, to come up with some solutions to tackle them. Overall, it was a pleasure to work with someone with this knowledge and professionality!"
Pablo Bonilla